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Behind The Scenes



Before I created Red Roan Signs, I would always walk by “wood” signs in various stores looking for décor for my home. I did not like how streamlined and fake most sign décor looked, and wanted a completely original one of a kind sign just for our unique rustic chic, woodland styled home.
So… I decided that I would find an old piece of wood and create my own. The first sign I ever made was out of wood from a construction pile, which happened to be one of my best selling items.
Behind The Scenes

I have always been very good at creating. Although my college degree is in Education I have always been in love with art and creating at a young age. I came to a point where I wanted to be available to my 2 girls at any given time. As a single mom, this seemed impossible.
With a lot of work and patience, this business has enabled me to do so and I could not be any more thankful and blessed for this opportunity. 
Behind The Scenes

After creating rustic wood signs for family and friends it was suggested to me that I try selling my items on Etsy. I was concerned that I would not be able to learn how to ship items or keep up with orders.
So many thoughts and doubts went through my mind, “what happens if there is a problem with shipping?” and “what if I get too tired working two jobs?” and “we live in a small house, if this does turn into a real business, how am I going to have room to keep creating?” but then I realized, I can’t keep thinking what if. If this really was something I was meant to do, I should just go for it and give it my best shot. 
Behind The Scenes

In 2014 I opened up shop with high hopes. I did a lot of research and improved my techniques and in about 6 months I got my first sale on Etsy.
The shop took off, to the point that I am working 10-12 hour days 6 days a week. I have been able to refine my process and my customers help me to create new designs every day. 

I look forward to continuing broadening my products and keep creating one of a kind unique décor for home and business owners. Without my buyer’s support, I would never be where we are today!
~ Katie
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